A Career in Computer Servicing

A look at career opportunities and earning potential in the computer servicing industry.

This paper looks at career options in the area of computer servicing. A variety of job types are examined. Salaries are explored, as well as the education and training paper writer for hire necessary to qualify for these positions.

Another reason I think computer repair would be a good field to choose is the future. When you consider all the facets of life that use computers, there will be a growing need for computer engineers and computer electronics. According to the Florida Department of Labor and Employment Security, the second-fastest-growing group includes engineering, natural science, mathematics and computer science. Over sixty percent of the expected jobs in Florida will be computer employment, such as engineers, programmers and computer-support specialists” (Career Series 1). Most of the occupations offer pay with the beginning salary ranging from $20,000 to mid-$30,000 range and the ability to advance. There are a variety of jobs that fall under the caption of computers. Computers are around to stay and various companies are constantly making new software and research paper writing service hardware. This assures me that the business of computer repair will be around.”


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