This paper outlines the business strategy of Airbus that has allowed it to become the successful aircraft business that it is today. The paper Edubirdie Reviews points to Airbus’ focus on international customer support, the development of a corporate culture and its focus on technological developments as the main reasons for Airbus’ competetive edge and success in the aircraft engineering market. Brief Introduction to Airbus Activities in Globe Technological Developments Strategic Analysis and Expansion Opportunities Conclusion

From the Paper:

“Airbus entered the aircraft engineering market approximately 30 years ago. Their first aircraft was the A300 wide-bodied airliner, with the capacity for 226 passengers, being the first to offer exactly the facilities stipulated by the airlines. Within the market of annual profits exceeding $527 million in 2000, out of which 72% came directly form passenger flight revenues, such an innovation had provided to be extensively demanded. As a consequence, the newly developing company had benefited from tremendous growth over a significant period of time, where by in year 2003, Airbus had a turnover paperback writer chords and lyrics of 19.3 Billion Euros.”


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