Gregg’s Organizational Construction and Culture

Compare along with distinction Gregg’s organisational structure along with culture together with yet another organisation of one’s choice

The a couple of businesses’ that I will be comparing include; Greggs PLC (public limited company), which utilises the actual “divisional structure” (, 2008) along with Tesco’s PLC (public restricted company), which usually utilises the “functional structure”.

    • Functional – Your practical construction is surely an organisational construction kind which usually sees your business’s employees’ grouped depending on his or her hierarchical rank within your business, stated employees will be managed through strict lines involving authority, along with every person within the business enterprise will ultimately statement into a single person, typically the CEO (chief executive officer). The company which in turn utilizes the practical composition can be set up regarding allow each and also every part associated with the company for you to end up being grouped straight into departments based on their purpose, regarding example, with just about all the useful structure; any enterprise would possess a department for production, human resources, and sales (, n.d).


  • Divisional -€“ The Particular divisional construction is surely an organisational structure kind that organises business exercise around geographical, market, or perhaps product and service groups; the particular aforementioned groups encompass the particular business’s employees whom tend to be responsible and are specialised pertaining to such tasks, for example, with the divisional structure, a new enterprise could have an EU division too as a US division. Together With your divisional structure, every team contains a set involving functions, meaning each the particular EU and US divisions would handle their extremely own marketing, sales, as well as production. The Particular divisional structure is best suited to larger businesses as the divisional composition can be specifically there pertaining to businesses that function in many markets plus many distinct countries, the proven fact that every division handles its affairs independently in the other divisions can be beneficial since local conditions could adjust without having warning (, n.d). (Writing, n.d)

Greggs makes use of the particular divisional organisational structure, whereas Tesco’s uses the particular useful organisational structure; what this indicates is that will Tesco’s will be clearly the less responsive along with significantly a lot more rigid in the means inside the daily operations in the business; this truly is simply because in the bureaucratic naturel of the practical structure, a lot more specifically, it’s since of the management hierarchy regarding the particular vertical structure, the actual vertical structure contributes to an established, and sometimes times, overpowering bureaucratic system, bureaucracy is present in each and every business structure, but it gets the biggest presence inside your practical structure (, n.d); bureaucracies in business avoid innovation, avert adaptability, and stop responsiveness, the particular aforementioned result in a significantly much more rigid means of operating the business. Greggs avoids much with the bureaucracy connected along with Tesco’s and additionally the practical composition simply by organising their particular employees about an acknowledged industry focus, as in opposition to Tesco’s, which organises his or her employees around certain hierarchical rankings; this greatly increases the Greggs responsiveness. The Particular management emphasis is actually yet an additional way in which these two organisational structures differ; Greggs and the divisional construction enables each division to run using a significant level of autonomy, with every division being referred to as SBUs (strategic business units (, n.d), the actual SBUs tend to be managed through center management at Greggs, using your upper management merely overseeing the general operating with the business; this differs greatly coming from Tesco’s approach which sees upper management within total control. Interdepartmental coordination might be an issue which usually arises within any business, especially for companies such as Tesco’s that function beneath the actual practical structure, this really is simply because with the practical structure, your business’s employees are segregated based on hierarchal rank, meaning, the workers may not fully view the issues affecting additional departmental locations in the business; this problem can be largely avoided by Greggs and the divisional construction thanks towards the divisional structures use regarding SBUs, together with SBUs, each employee will be dedicated towards the market or perhaps item pertaining to that your SBU ended up being formed for. Throughout regards for the efficiency and value effectiveness regarding each businesses, Tesco’s is as easy as far the more effective and cost effective; this can easily be because the functional construction enables Tesco’s to take benefit of economies involving scale (an economy regarding scale will be once the price to create a item decreases weight loss items are produced (, n.d); Tesco’s features your capability to adopt good factor about economies of scale as the practical composition allows for repetition along with assembly line operations, as well as occupation specialisation, the actual capability to adopt advantage of an economy associated with scale will be severely diminished having a divisional structure, though not necessarily impossible, this can be since the SBUs lack the essential money in order to multiply your resources and also manpower to consider good thing about an economy of scale. The Actual means in which a new business organisation can be structured immediately impacts the particular culture of the business. Tesco’s think in the “culture is” concept as well as utilises the human resources management (HRM, will be your practice regarding hiring and creating employees throughout this sort of way that they become a valuable asset for that business, (, n.d) as the way in order to manage the business’s culture; Tesco’s is definitely an organisation which is well structured, nevertheless naturally, has a strict as well as formal approach, which may be not only attributed towards the culture associated with Tesco’s, nevertheless Tesco’s functional composition as well; as mentioned previously in this report, this signifies that Tesco’s is a extremely bureaucratic organisation with a large emphasis around the gain margins involving its shareholders; as against Greggs which in turn utilises the “risk-taking culture” concept (also known as adhocracy culture, adhocracy culture is actually a culture which in turn entails individual initiative and also self-organization in order to accomplish particular tasks, (, n.d), utilising this culture allows Greggs to consider much more risks compared to Tesco’s, additionally, since with the adhocracy culture, Greggs is the much more innovative and fewer bureaucratic business, when in comparison to Tesco’s. Greggs features a greater give interest to his or her employees and customers, together with gain margins for shareholders becoming a smaller priority, that is the complete complete opposite of Tesco’s. An essential section of corporate culture may become the standing of the enterprise enterprise and how the business is perceived in the eyes of the public, to ensure the public hold Tesco’s along with Greggs throughout high esteem, both companies think that will their own employees has to always be able to be fully trained, well clothed, along with very educated about the topic issue with hand; this can be why each companies provide extremely strict coaching regimes, working out regime ensures that your danger of a poor employee tarnishing the standing of both Tesco’s and also Greggs can be nonexistent, (, n.d &, n.d).

The visions along with values regarding each Tesco’s and also Greggs play an important role inside the respective business’s corporate culture; the actual visions along with values regarding Greggs include:

  • “To be described as a winning brand name inside the food-on-the-go market”
  • “Committing us (Greggs) to being enthusiastic and also supportive in all that individuals do, open, honest and also appreciative, treating everyone together with fairness, thought and respect”


  • “Our people are what make our company successful. We aim to provide these people using a fantastic destination to work, exactly where these people really feel valued”
  • “Our resolve for building a distinction can be deep rooted along with had been cemented from the establishment of the Greggs foundation within 1987. Alongside using our values, it forms the atual bedrock in our approach for you to social responsibility”

(Greggs, n.d)

The visions and values regarding Tesco’s include:

  • “No one tries harder for our customers”
  • “Treat individuals how they by themselves would actually like being treated”
  • “Use our scale with regard to good”
  • Serving Britain’s consumers every day just a little far better each day”

(Tesco PLC, n.d).

Tesco’s visions and values state which Tesco’s is an organisation which provides a large focus on its subscriber base also since the profitability regarding its shareholders; Tesco’s seeks to excel in the retail marketplace, being a lot better than their particular competitors, whilst providing consumers with an excellent value for money. Tesco’s features a huge emphasis on utilizing Tesco’s size (the largest UK retailer, and also among the actual largest within the world,(Winterman, 2013) pertaining to good, regarding example, using environmental issues, or perhaps together with helping nearby communities, communities regarding which usually Tesco’s will be operating in. Whereas Greggs’ visions and also values state in which Greggs is surely an organisation which includes an enormous give focus to its client base; Greggs seeks to supply an superb service and also superb goods that are second to be able to none, whilst additionally providing excellent worth pertaining to cash with regard to its customers; Greggs includes a huge emphasis on people development, Greggs features a considerate operating culture, this means the workers as well as clients tend to be always best priority, but not surprisingly concentrate about the employees and customers, Greggs retains a big give interest to profitability, though, it’s a lesser priority compared to Tesco’s; the actual values of your business form an intrinsic part of company culture, this is since the values associated with the company enterprise are the values regarding which the particular organisation is actually emotionally invested in (, n.d); the particular visions, on one other hand, certainly are a future looking declaration involving the company organisation, which usually signal the particular business’s long-term goals, aspirations, and additionally the purpose involving the business enterprise (, n.d). Throughout both companies value as well as vision statements it’s stated that employees associated with Tesco’s and also Greggs must “treat individuals how they by themselves would really like to become treated” as well as “treat everyone along with fairness, consideration, as well as respect”, because involving this, language plays an intrinsic a portion of both businesses corporate culture, both companies want an environment exactly where their own employees, as well as clients, tend to be respectful in order to every other, which means employees should never become offensive/racist/homophobic to end up being able to any kind of employee or perhaps client since this would negatively affect your reputation of both Tesco’s and Greggs. benefits and rewards pertaining to employees and also clients is another integral part of both business’s corporate culture part; Tesco’s provides perquisites and advantages for you to its employees along with its customers, for example, employees associated with Tesco’s are liable for a big quantity of discounts, holidays, healthcare, along with gym membership, whereas Greggs offers a staff discounts, holidays, gain sharing, and also wellness treatment (, n.d). Your purpose organizations for example Tesco’s and Greggs make use involving a benefits and prize system pertaining to their own employees can be as the advantages system acts as becoming a motivator pertaining to their particular employees, meaning, their employees turn straight into a far more productive workforce overall, which obviously leads to a lot more efficient business.

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